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Standard and customized solutions for infrared thermography

We offer software solutions that can be naturally integrated into your thermal imaging projects.

We are your professional partner in thermal imaging technology, backed by years of industry-leading expertise

GRAYESS is a top provider of custom thermographic solutions and software for a broad range of uses. Our products are trusted worldwide, with thousands of installations demonstrating their high quality and value.


Our Products

We offer thermal imaging software which is clearly structured, easy to use, yet getting the job done. Compatibility and integration is another important feature of our products.

IRT Cronista illustration

High-grade tool for infrared image management and streamlined preventive maintenance reporting

IRT Analyzer R&D illustration

Professional tool for researchers offering thermographic analysis and reporting with an emphasis on sequential analysis

IRT Analyzer APC illustration

Stand-alone automation and process control solution with a wide range of integration options

IRT KilnMonitor illustration

Specialized temperature measurement system, designed for monitoring, controlling, and analyzing rotary kilns in various industries


Image Explorer

Report in two clicks

All major infrared file formats support

IRT Cronista screenshot

IRT Cronista is your comprehensive solution for infrared imaging tasks. It effortlessly integrates image management, in-depth analysis, and report generation into a seamless experience, allowing professionals to focus more on fieldwork and less on paperwork.

Fast Inspection Reports

Functional Templates

Advanced Thermal Analysis

Categorized Image Annotations

Image Organizer

R&D Analyzer

IRT Analyzer R&D

Sequence analysis

Advanced recorder

Connection to multiple cameras

IRT Analyzer R&D screenshot

IRT Analyzer R&D is designed for professional thermographic engineers, offering a blend of precision and functionality. Access in-depth thermal imagery analysis, detailed sequence evaluations, and maintain rigorous control over all recordings.

Core Features:

  • Robust Analysis Tools: Deliver high accuracy for both individual and thermal image sequences.

  • Dynamic Sequence Analysis: Assess and interpret sequential thermal patterns for comprehensive insights.

  • Efficient Workspace Design: A streamlined, integrated workspace designed for intuitive navigation and operation.

  • Adaptable Image Display: Flexibly adjust and optimize thermal image displays according to your preferences.

  • Real-Time Recording: Capture live thermal data in real-time, ensuring immediate access and assessment.

  • Direct Camera Connection: Perform online analyses with a direct link to your thermal camera, ensuring instant data transfer and visualization.

  • Advanced Image Filters: Use advanced filters to enhance, clarify, and process thermal images.

  • In-built Image Explorer: Efficiently browse and manage your thermal images with an integrated image explorer tool.

  • Template-Driven Reporting: Generate comprehensive reports swiftly with a template-driven system, ensuring clarity and professionalism.

  • Versatile Export Functions: Export your data and findings with ease, featuring specialized support for Microsoft Office applications.

APC Analyzer

IRT Analyzer APC

No-code projects

Condition Logic

Streaming Server

IRT Analyzer APC screenshot

IRT Analyzer APC provides a comprehensive suite of tools for real-time imaging, analysis, and process automation. It offers responsive alarms and external I/O and is compatible with standard industrial protocols.

Key Features:

  • Data Acquisition: Collect data from multiple thermal cameras efficiently.

  • Analysis Tools: Access a full spectrum of tools tailored for detailed image evaluation.

  • Process Automation: Engineer processes with flexibility and precision.

  • Alarms & Outputs: Easily set alarms and monitor signals and measurement outputs.

  • Trend Analysis: Unlock meaningful insights with comprehensive trend studies and statistics.

  • Camera Shutter Control: Achieve precision in imaging with adaptive shutter management.

  • Recording: Store images and trends for later review.

  • Industrial Protocol Support: Seamlessly integrate with a spectrum of industrial network protocols.

  • Image Panels: Utilize image panels to monitor multiple subjects concurrently.

  • Python Script Integration: Modify and amplify system capabilities using Python scripts.

IRT Analyzer APC is a reliable system, with a track record of months of uninterrupted execution, designed for managing and automating processes across various industries.


IRT KilnMonitor

Multiple kilns support

OPC Classic


Line scanners

2D cameras

IRT KilnMonitor screenshot

IRT KilnMonitor is a state-of-the-art temperature measurement solution designed explicitly for the monitoring, control, and analysis of rotary kilns utilized across sectors such as cement and lime production, mineral processing, hazardous waste incineration, and more.

Main Features:

  • Precise Monitoring: Enables early detection of potential "hot spots" - a sign of missing or damaged refractory bricks.

  • Comprehensive Visualization: Displays a thermal image of the entire kiln shell, enriched with a zoom function for detailed inspection.

  • 3D Views: A unique feature offering live 3D visuals of the kiln and refractory, enabling users to virtually walk through the entire kiln.

  • Alarms: Receive timely alarms for any anomalies and seamlessly integrate with external hardware for adaptive control.

  • Refractory Management: Offers in-depth management with estimations of brick and coating thickness.

  • Data Storage: Built-in storage to keep historical data, ensuring no loss of crucial information.

  • Easy Configuration: Not only is it intuitive to set up, but its use also requires minimal training, making it user-friendly.

  • Specialized Monitoring: Keeps track of tire slip, the burning zone, and bearings temperature.

  • KilnMonitor Clients: Access real-time kiln statuses and review historical analysis from any computer within the factory network.

  • Performance Reports: Comprehensive kiln performance reports combined with a dedicated monitoring database.

How to Order

We offer our software through a one-time purchase model, with limitations on the number of computers where it can be installed.

To find out the pricing for IRT Cronista, please visit the 'Order IRT Cronista' page.

For information on other software, you can contact our Business and Sales team or send us a message via the Support page.

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