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Software Support

We understand that sometimes you might encounter challenges or have specific questions about our software. Rest assured, you're in the right place.

Begin by exploring the FAQs below for instant answers. If your concern isn't addressed, kindly reach out through the contact form below.

  • Why am I seeing 'Program already activated on the allowed number of computers' when trying to activate my software?
    If you've previously used the software on one computer and now wish to install it on another, you must first deactivate the software on the original computer. To do this, please go to the main menu and select Help | Deactivate License. If you no longer have access to the original computer, please contact us. Provide your software license code and explain the reason you can't access your old computer in the contact form below.
  • An error occurs during report generation
    Errors during report generation can vary. For instance, you might encounter the "Library not registered" error. Typically, this suggests an issue with your Microsoft Office installation. Consider the following steps: Verify Your Office Version: Ensure that you're using a version of Office that we support. We currently support Microsoft Office versions 2007, 2010, 2013, and 2016, as well as Office 365/Microsoft 365. Check Office and Windows Compatibility: Ensure that your Office version is compatible with your Windows version. Older Office editions might experience issues on newer Windows versions. Repair Your Office Installation: If you still face issues, consider repairing your Office installation. Detailed instructions are available online to guide you through this process. Please check this Microsoft support page.
  • 'Thermo Reports' tab is missing in Microsoft Word
    If the 'Thermo Reports' tab is missing in Microsoft Word, or you encounter an error indicating that the 'Thermo Reports' add-in isn't installed, follow these troubleshooting steps: Potential Cause: Microsoft Word may have disabled the 'ThermoReport Addin', especially if it identifies the add-in as causing issues. Solution: Open Word Options by navigating to File > Options > Add-ins. Confirm that the 'ThermoReport Addin' is under 'Active Application Add-ins' and not listed in 'Disabled Application Add-ins'. If the add-in is disabled or absent, consider reinstalling IRT Cronista (or IRT Analyzer) and the ThermoReport WordAddin: Access 'Installed apps' via Windows Settings. Uninstall IRT Cronista (or IRT Analyzer). Uninstall ThermoReport WordAddin, either the 64-bit or 32-bit version. Obtain and install the latest version of IRT Cronista (or IRT Analyzer). If you need the download link for the latest version, please reach out to us using the contact from below.

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