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Software Licensing Policy

Last updated: 27.09.2023

This licensing policy, which is incorporated into and part of GRAYESS's End User License Agreement (“EULA”), defines the specific licensing terms and conditions for your use of GRAYESS software products and documentation (collectively, “Software”).

1. Licensing Model

One-Time Purchase
Once you purchase a license for our software, you own it indefinitely. There's no expiration date, so you won't need to renew your license to keep using the version you initially bought. While you can use the software without time restrictions, GRAYESS provides free maintenance and support only for a limited period after the purchase. The duration of this period depends on the type of license you've purchased. For more details, please refer to the "Maintenance and Support" section below.


Limited Installations
Your license allows the software to be installed on a limited number of computers, as specified at the time of purchase. You have the flexibility to transfer your license from one computer to another; however, such transfers are restricted to twice per month.

2. Maintenance and Support

At GRAYESS, we are dedicated to providing robust support for our software users. Below is what our Maintenance and Support package includes:

We offer help to resolve any technical issues you may encounter, such as software crashes or challenges in generating reports.


Windows OS Compatibility
We guarantee compatibility with the versions of Windows OS that are supported at the time of your purchase. For example, if you purchase a license when Windows 11 is the current version, we will support updates for Windows 11 but do not guarantee support for future versions like Windows 12. However, we will make every effort to ensure compatibility unless breaking changes are introduced.


Microsoft Office Compatibility
Similar to our OS support, we ensure compatibility with versions of Microsoft Office (On-Premises only) that are current at the time of your purchase. We do not guarantee support for future Office releases but will strive to maintain compatibility if no breaking changes are introduced.


Post-Support Period

Continued Use:

After your support period expires, you may continue using the software but will be responsible for resolving any technical issues yourself.

Optional Renewal:

You have the option to purchase a new license for ongoing support and maintenance.

Limited Updates:

Even after your support period ends, you can still access any applicable software updates for your version, although we won't provide specific troubleshooting support.

Support Channels
We offer support through web and email services.

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