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Compatibility with Thermal Cameras

As specialists in thermal imaging software, we understand the importance of compatibility and integration. That's why we're committed to supporting a diverse range of thermal cameras, ensuring that whether you're a researcher, engineer, maintenance technician, or industry professional, you'll find a camera that meets your specific needs and integrates perfectly with our suite of products:

IRT Cronista, IRT Analyzer R&D, IRT Analyzer APC, IRT KilnMonitor.


Teledyne FLIR is a major player in the thermal imaging industry, offering a broad portfolio that serves various applications in government & defense, industrial, and commercial markets. Known for their cutting-edge thermal imaging and advanced threat detection systems, FLIR technologies are instrumental in enhancing public safety, energy efficiency, and intelligent community planning. Our software integrates seamlessly with a wide range of FLIR's thermal cameras, offering additional capabilities such as real-time analysis and advanced diagnostics.

Supported Models (list not exhaustive):

  • T Series: T10xx (T1K), T6xx, T5xx, T4xx

  • Exx Series: E30, E33, E40, E50, E60, E63, E75, E85, E95, E96

  • Ex Series: E4, E5, E6, E8

  • Cx Series: C2, C3

  • Ax5 Series: A35, A65, ...

  • A3xx Series: A300, A310, A320G

  • A3x5 Series: A315, A325sc

  • A6x5 Series: A615, A655sc

  • Specialized Models: FLIR Vue, Vue PRO (R), Duo, Duo PRO, FLIR One, FLIR Tau, Tau2, FLIR Leptron

  • Older Models: P60, P65, P660, S60, SC300, SC620, SC660, T250, T360, T335, B360, i60, THV 900, THV 550, G300, GF309, Bertha3


Fluke is a trusted name in the field of temperature technology, offering a range of products that cater to demanding industrial environments. Renowned for their dedication to safety, precision, and quality, Fluke thermal cameras are indispensable tools for professionals dealing with temperature-sensitive manufacturing processes. Our software integrates effortlessly with Fluke's line of thermal cameras, providing an enhanced layer of real-time analysis and data interpretation.

Supported Models (list not exhaustive):

  • TiS and Ti Series: TiS75+, TiS55+, TiS60+, TiS20+, Ti480 PRO, TiX580, Ti300+, Ti401

  • PTi series: PTi120

  • RSE Series: RSE300, RSE600

  • ThermoView: TV40 series, TV30 series

  • Older Models: TiX520, Ti400, Ti450, TiX560, TiX660, TiR2, Ti9, Ti25, Ti27, TiR27, Ti29, TiR29, Ti32, TiR32, TiS, Ti200, Ti45, Ti55, VT04

  • Infrared Solutions legacy: FlexCam, FLX, FLXT, FLXP320, FC


DJI has long been a leader in drone technology and has extended its expertise into the realm of thermal imaging. With a focus on commercial and industrial applications, DJI's thermal imaging solutions are designed to deliver results in a variety of challenging environments. Our software is fully compatible with DJI’s range of thermal imaging payloads, enhancing their capabilities for real-time analysis and data collection.

Supported Models (list not exhaustive):

  • Zenmuse H20N

  • Zenmuse H20 T

  • Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced M2EA

  • Mavic 3 Enterprise

  • Matrice 30 Series M30T

  • Zenmuse XT S

  • Zenmuse XT 2


Jenoptik stands out as a technological leader in the field of thermal imaging, bringing over two decades of experience in camera technology and infrared optics. Known for their unparalleled image resolution, Jenoptik's thermographic cameras are versatile, lightweight, and compact, without compromising on image quality or accuracy. Ideal for a range of applications from security monitoring to industrial inspection, these cameras are easy to integrate into existing systems. Our software complements Jenoptik's offerings by providing additional features such as real-time analytics and enhanced data interpretation.

Supported Models (list not exhaustive):

  • VarioCam

  • VarioCam HD/HDIR

  • Blackbird



Based in Japan, Avio specializes in the development and manufacturing of infrared thermal imaging cameras and systems. Their product range is diverse, serving various industries including research and development, quality control, and surveillance. Avio's thermal cameras feature high-performance uncooled infrared detectors, delivering high sensitivity, high resolution, and high-speed imaging. Their innovative optical systems even allow for imaging through challenging conditions like flames and dust. Our software is fully compatible with Avio’s extensive range of thermal cameras, providing an additional layer of real-time analytics and functionality.

Supported Models (list not exhaustive):

  • InfRec Series: R450, R550, TS600

  • NEC San-ei: TH71XX series, TH91XX series, TH72XX series, TH92XX series, H2640

  • NEC-Avio: F30, F50, R300, R500

  • Avio Legacy: TVS100, TVS2000, TVS600, TVS700, TVS8500


HikMicro is a prominent name in the field of thermal imaging, offering a broad spectrum of thermal cameras suitable for outdoor and industrial applications. Known for their high-quality handheld thermal cameras and scopes, their products excel in image quality, sensitivity, and resolution. Whether you're involved in hunting, wildlife observation, security, or industrial inspection, HikMicro's range of thermal cameras have you covered. Our software integrates seamlessly with HikMicro's line-up, adding the benefit of real-time analytics and sophisticated data interpretation.

Supported Models (list not exhaustive):

  • E Series

  • B Series

  • Pocket Series

  • M Series

  • G Series

  • SP Series


As a global pioneer in thermal imaging technology, Fotric offers a versatile array of thermal cameras designed to meet the unique needs of various industries such as renewable energy, building inspection, metallurgy, oil and gas, and electronics. Their product line is expansive, including handheld thermal cameras, fixed-mount systems, acoustic imaging cameras, as well as specialized R&D thermal cameras. Our software works in tandem with Fotric's wide range of thermal cameras, offering advanced features such as real-time analytics and detailed data interpretation.

Supported Models (list not exhaustive):

  • P-series

  • 340 series: 348A, 347A, 346A, 345A, 345M

  • 320 series: 326M, 326F, 325M, 325F, 323M, 323F, 322M, 322F, 321F

  • Fixed-mount 600 Series

Many Others

In addition to the industry-leading thermal camera manufacturers we've highlighted, our software also extends support to a diverse array of up-and-coming and specialized companies in the thermal imaging sector. These include DALI-IRtech, InfiRay, DIAS, Testo, Optris, SAT-IR, Guide, Opgal, CEM, SKF, Autel, ThermalExpert, and IRISYS. These manufacturers are not only consistently delivering high-quality, innovative products, but are also continually evolving their technologies to meet the challenges of today's fast-paced industries.


For the most current list of additional supported manufacturers, we welcome you to contact us for the latest updates.

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